The Inquisition – Short Drama

Here is my latest production, which is a short drama that I produced alongside other Birmingham City University students, as well as Birmingham School of Acting students. The short drama is titled The Inquisition, and my production roles were graphic designer, director of photography, camera operator, writer, and editor. The synopsis for The Inquisition is as follows:

“A young adult’s criminal lifestyle seems to backfire, when he is taken captive by a group of thugs, and interrogated by an unfamiliar adversary. However, the answers forced out of the captive lead to some harsh truths, irrelevant to his criminal background.”

Personally, it was my first time working with artistes, which was an enjoyable learning experience. The artistes were extremely diligent with their work and their performances were gripping, giving everything they had to bring the characters to life. Moreover, it was extremely gratifying to see text on a page, in terms of the drama’s script, actually come to life via a filmed drama.

Below you can see the key art I designed for the production, as well as a behind the scenes photograph.