Tomorrow’s Fighters – Magazine Concept

As part of a university assignment I conceived and designed a 12-page magazine concept, one that would try to occupy a gap in the current market as opposed to being derivative of other publications.

After deciding I would focus on boxing, a sport I passionately follow, I then performed extensive research on sports magazines. Almost immediately I was able to deduce that amateur boxing was deprived of coverage when compared to professional boxing, across all mediums. With this in mind, I created Tomorrow’s Fighters.

The overall process was testing yet rewarding, providing challenges in the form of editorial and layout design, as well as branding and copywriting. Building a magazine from the ground up purely by myself may not be reflective of a real publishing company, and how they operate, but it certainly gave me an appreciation of the roles I traditionally wouldn’t do (i.e., copywriting) as a graphic designer.

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