Working with Wider

In July 2017 I had the privilege of gaining work experience with Wider, a design agency based in Solihull, England. As per their website, the team at Wider specialises in “strategic logo design, creative marketing and bespoke WordPress website design”. By working with highly accomplished creatives, in a state-of-the-art studio, I gained industry-standard skills and expertise while immersing myself in a professional working environment. I also designed for real clients as opposed to following a fictional brief.

After completing my time at Wider, I had the pleasure of documenting my time there as part of their customary monthly blog. By clicking here, you can see the entirety of what I had to say about my experience of working with such a reputable design agency. Looking back, my experience with Wider has undoubtedly assisted me on my journey as a prospective designer and I thank the team greatly for opening their doors to me. As a result, I believe I enter my third year of university with a new degree of confidence.

In terms of the work I designed while at Wider, you can see several examples below. These are social media panels for CSW Sport, which is a sports organisation aiming to increase participation in sports in the Coventry, Solihull, and Warwickshire areas.

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