WPAP Art – Manny Pacquiao

Here is my first completed project of 2018, a personally traced portrait of boxer Manny Pacquiao, made entirely out of different shapes and colours. This was inspired by an artist named Wedha Abdul Rasyid, who is known as the creator of ‘WPAP’ art. According to Sungging Priyanto, via Behance, ‘WPAP’ stands for ‘Wedha’s Pop Art Portraits’. This is an Indonesian pop art genre founded by the aforementioned Wedha Abdul Rasyid. A major quality of this form of vector art is its use of colours, which is shown through vertical and horizontal shapes. ‘WPAP’ art relies on a source image, which is then improvisationally traced to create a human portrait consisting of shapes and colours.

Images can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnails.