Andi Purewal – Social Media Artwork

In February 2018 I was tasked with creating new social media artwork for Andi Purewal, an aspiring sports journalist and writer. In just his early 20s Andi has already interviewed the biggest names in boxing and football and has had his work published by the Birmingham Mail, the Daily Mail, the Daily Mirror, and The Times. Additionally, through his YouTube channel, Andi’s World of Sports, Andi has amassed over 775,000 views and nearly 1000 subscribers in just 2 years (as of March 2018).

Andi’s efforts have also resulted in him securing endorsement deals with reputable companies, including men’s fashion brand Luke Sport. Clearly, Andi’s résumé speaks for itself and it was an absolute pleasure to work with, what I consider, one of the best young journalists right now. In terms of the actual designs, I worked closely with Andi during the process in order to deliver what he envisaged. Specifically, Andi needed new headers for both his YouTube channel and his Facebook page.

Eventually, we came up with a minimalistic design that was monochrome, which also highlighted the reputable names Andi has interviewed. The latter was achieved by creating a collage of Andi’s most prominent interviews, which was placed at the forefront of the design. In turn, this would show viewers who are new to Andi’s content just how impressive his CV is, which would hopefully make him stand out from his competitors. You can see the final designs below, as well as how they look on-screen.

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