Filmblography – Branding

In March 2017 myself and two friends conceived the idea of doing a podcast as part of our final year university project. After almost a year’s worth of research and pre-production, we finally recorded the first episode of our podcast in February 2018, which is titled The Filmblography Podcast. As the name alludes our podcast focuses on the film industry, though we cover the television industry, too. In terms of content, episodes primarily consist of news, reviews, debates, speculation, and more. We released a video version of the podcast on YouTube, as well as a standard audio version on SoundCloud.

Furthermore, in order to run such a project successfully we had shared roles, like being a co-host, as well as individual roles. Due to specialising in design I assumed the role of graphic designer, meaning I was in charge of creating the podcast’s brand identity. The designs I created included the podcast’s official logo, YouTube thumbnails, SoundCloud thumbnails, t-shirts, a poster, video graphics, as well as DVD cases for the episodes. It was personally very fun to start a brand from the ground up, so to speak, as well as deal with the challenge of utilising the brand identity across various mediums.

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