Gymshark – Marketing Assets

Here are some marketing assets I designed, which aim to promote Gymshark’s Breathe collection, a new clothing range that is inspired by the current Japanese and London streetwear movements. Regarding my thought process when designing, I wanted to create assets that used a minimal amount of copy, whilst being concise enough to inform the consumer what the artwork pertains to. Overall, I designed one A4 brochure, one GIF banner, three A1 posters, as well as artwork for Instagram.

Having a minimalistic approach to copy made sure that the imagery of the clothing range was prioritised from a visual hierarchy standpoint. By doing so this encourages the consumer to focus on the style and appeal of the clothing, as opposed to being distracted by copious amounts of text. Moreover, I finalised the designs by adhering to Gymshark’s style guide, which entails logo usage, colours, and typefaces. This gave my artwork a feel of authenticity, whilst maintaining the brand of Gymshark, regardless of the medium.

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