Henry’s Honey – Brand Identity

As part of a task featured on Briefbox, I have created a new brand identity and packaging label for Henry’s Honey, a fictional company that specialises in organic honey. The company desired a new brand identity that represents the high-end honey they produce, as well as a label design that is minimalistic, aesthetically, but informative. To be specific, I have created a primary logo, an alternative logo, a motif, a style guide, as well as a honey jar mockup that displays the label design I have created.

Regarding my creative choices, I utilised navy as the brand’s primary colour, with gold acting as an accent colour. Using navy differentiates Henry’s Honey from its competitors, with my research showing that the customary honey brand uses gold as their primary colour, most likely to symbolise honey. However, I have maintained the symbolism of honey by featuring golden accents, as well as a golden motif. As a result, the use of navy individualises Henry’s Honey, whilst gold adheres to branding conventions. Moreover, gold also has connotations of the noun “gold standard”, which helps drive the notion that Henry’s Honey is a premium company.

In terms of the logo, I used a serif font to display the brand’s name. It is widely believed that a serif typeface can be analysed as being more traditional when compared to a sans serif typeface. Therefore, by featuring a serif font, this represents the history and sophistication of Henry’s Honey more effectively than what a sans serif font would achieve, arguably. Using the latter would have given the brand more of a contemporary feel, which would detract from the idea that Henry’s Honey is an experienced and long-standing producer of honey. The logo was then finalised by adding a subtle motif, a honeycomb, which visually symbolises the company’s roots in honey production.

Finally, I adhered to the brief by creating a simplistic, yet informative, jar label. The information is spaced equally to maintain readability, and every element that is featured has been carefully selected. For example, the tagline on the top of the label reads “premium organic honey”. This rhetorically suggests, and reiterates, that Henry’s Honey produces high-quality honey; the use of rhetoric also displays the confidence that the brand has in its own products. Furthermore, from a visual hierarchy perspective, the brand logo is the largest feature on the label; this is intended to prevent any doubt that Henry’s Honey is the creator of what is being promoted as the best honey on the market.

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