12th Man Sports – TV Graphics

In December 2017, as part of a university assignment, I designed graphics for a fictional news channel, which would be shown during a scene in a television pilot that I, and several others, produced. Seeing as the television pilot’s narrative centred around a football player it was inevitable that the news channel would be sports-specific. Furthermore, due to legalities pertaining to the use of actual television channels we were tasked with creating a purely fictional sports channel. This meant that we had to devise a name for the channel as well as a brand identity; I would be responsible for bringing the latter to life.

Eventually, we decided to name the channel 12th Man Sports, with the visual side of the brand being topped off with a colour scheme of blue and red. Such colours are most notably used by Sky Sports, which was an intentional move on our part. Using the said colours would give the fictional channel a feeling of believability and reality due to the fact we have used conventional colours relative to real sports channels. Overall, I was responsible for the entirety of the graphics, including the animation side. In the video above I provide a rundown of how I created the aforementioned graphics, as well as how they appeared once they were finished.

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