Watch – 3D Modelling

Continuing my journey in 3D modelling, as well as my professional development, I have modelled a wristwatch. Being a follower of the watch industry, this presented an exciting challenge to model something that I have a vested interest in. Unlike my first project, which was entirely a tutorial, I decided to increase the difficulty by adding other elements to the model myself. This resulted in a productive learning path, a healthy blend of guidance with autonomous learning, which is something I want to follow with any skill I learn.

This time, I followed a tutorial by 3D artist Zerobio, whose informative tutorial ended at the watch base. As stated previously I increased the difficulty by adding extra elements myself, specifically a stainless steel oyster bracelet and branding. The whole process was highly challenging but educational, offering different levels of intricacy such as the lugs, as well as small details like the watch hands and symbols. I wrapped up the project by adding materials to each part of the watch, including glass, to achieve a lifelike finish.

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