Lightsaber – 3D Modelling

As evidenced by previous work on my portfolio, personal hobbies are a great source of inspiration for design projects. When I am doing recreational design and struggle to think of a subject matter, I simply tap into, and draw from, the things I enjoy. This brings me to one of my recent projects, a Star Wars lightsaber, which was completed last year.

This is not just any lightsaber, however; this is the weapon of the iconic character Luke Skywalker, wielded by the Jedi Knight in the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. It is a movie collectable that I own personally, which acted as a useful reference when taking on the challenge of recreating it in Blender.

Overall, the creation of the lightsaber was an intricate process, something I did not expect, initially. With all its ridges and extrusions, in its entirety the final model comprises over 283,000 vertices. To put this into perspective, a regular cube has just 8 vertices — therefore denoting the amount of detail that went into creating the lightsaber.

To top off the model and complete its look, I created my own materials and textures while sourcing others — such as the brushed steel material. For artistic effect, a red light seeps into the right side of the frame to connote the lure of the Sith, a villainous order that is omnipresent in the lore of Star Wars, characterised by their red lightsabers.

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