Tomorrow’s Fighters – Magazine Concept

Graphic Design

Here is a magazine I designed personally, as part of a university assignment. I was tasked with not only designing a 12 page magazine, but also devising a concept that would try to exploit a gap in the current market. After deciding I would focus on boxing, a sport I passionately follow, I then performed extensive research on sports magazines. Thereafter, I was able to deduce that amateur boxing was deprived of coverage, when compared to professional boxing. As such, I created Tomorrow’s Fighters, which provides unprecedented coverage of amateur boxing.

The house style of the magazine consists of the colours red and yellow. I chose red, firstly, due to its links with amateur boxing. Amateur boxers commonly wear red attire, with the opponent wearing blue. However, I prioritised red due to it being more striking than blue, and therefore, it connotes the intensity and excitement of boxing more effectively. Boxing is a very intense sport, so it was imperative to depict that.

Secondly, the colour yellow has similarities to gold, namely the gold medal awarded to boxing champions. As a result, yellow signifies triumph and victory, and as such, will uplift readers. Additionally, it suggests to customers that the magazine is unprecedented, which is similar to a champion being superior to the opponents they have defeated. Therefore, the magazine’s visual message is uplifting, rather than downbeat and negative. The magazine concept can be seen below.