Hey Chat – UI Concept

As part of a Briefbox assignment I have created a user interface concept for messaging app Hey Chat. Hey Chat is a messaging service that combines traditional messaging with recommended social groups based on the user’s interests. The brand wanted a user interface that is simple to use, whilst having a modern aesthetic. Overall, I have designed a sign up page, a dashboard page, and a style guide for Hey Chat’s app. These designs are accompanied with photorealistic mockups to give a sense of how the app looks in person.

With Hey Chat not having complete brand guidelines yet, this gave me the creative freedom to envisage how the Hey Chat user interface, and brand, would look. In terms of both designs, I have strived for a mostly rounded aesthetic. This is evidenced by rounded shapes, which surround the likes of the user’s recent chats, as well as other components of the app. Making the interface predominantly rounded conforms to the logo of Hey Chat, which is characterised by its rounded corners. Overall, this gives the app’s interface a feel of uniformity and consistency, which could not be achieved with square corners.

Focusing on my first design, the sign up page, this features common elements such as a logo, a slogan, benefits of the app, and inevitably a sign up button. In terms of colours I have mostly adhered to the colour scheme of the Hey Chat logo, whilst featuring some external colours that complement the logo. I have also reiterated the unique selling point of the app by making sure one of Hey Chat’s benefits, which can be swiped, was the social groups a user can connect to. The sign up page can be the difference between a user who joins and a user who does not; therefore, it was crucial to reaffirm the USP.

Moving on to Hey Chat’s dashboard, this features the user’s recent chats, trending social groups, as well as gateways to their profile and a side menu. Regarding its aesthetics, my idea was to have a minimalistic interface, which was achieved by primarily using a grey background, with an opaque Hey Chat logo, and white partitions. I strongly considered padding during the design process so I ensured that each section had equal spacing. This culminated in a dashboard interface that is modern, minimalistic, and legible. A priority of mine when designing is readability and I believe I achieved that with this interface.

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